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Inda Lamp 59

  • Our Inda Lighting Collection is a brand new approach to outdoor and indoor lighting. SaVeri's new outdoor cordless lamps are a simple and yet forward-thinking design. The Inda Lamp is a perfect solution for those, who are frustrated by a lack of power plugs. Simply place our stylish, affordable indoor/outdoor lamp anywhere you like. Our Inda LED lights are easily transferred from the lamp base to a charging plate and back again, where a fully charged light will radiate for over seven full hours. 

    With our RGB Color Changing LED Lights, you no longer have to decide which color to use. You can either allow the lights to cycle through a continuous color changing pattern, or stop the controller at any color you like. The possibilities are endless. Change your color scheme with the seasons, or simply at your whim with RGB Color Changing LED lights.

  • Article number:
  • ML500020-02
  • Dimension (cm):
  • 40x59




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